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You all know Lorin from a lot of my posts this summer. Her & I have been best friends for almost 10 years & still going strong. Our friendship has transformed into so much more over the past year. She has been there for me & the things I’ve gone through. She’s pushed me & motivated me while building my photography business. She truly has been an amazing friend & while she has been there for me through it all she has had her own challenges.

This last year for her hasn’t been easy. Really, it’s been far from that. But her strength through all she’s dealt with astonishes me. It’s amazing how far you’ll go to protect your child & she has done just that. She has gone to the  end of the earth to do all she can. She has lived her life day by day trying not to fear the outcome of the future. She wipes away her tears & loves Koiya with all the love she has.

Watching her this last year has proven to me anything is possible. Although I can’t compare her situation to me starting my own business, I can say that her constant positive attitude & outlook on life has really proved to me that what I am doing is possible… if I remain positive & remember that I can do it. She has helped me become a stronger person in so many ways because she is the strongest person I know.

I finally got to do some family photos of them. We did them up at Silver Lake which is a spot I’d been wanting to venture to. They came out perfectly. I seriously love these two so much!

Untitled-1 DSC_0690 DSC_0714 Untitled-2 DSC_0856DSC_0865 DSC_0746 DSC_0890 DSC_0906

I have this ongoing joke that she is my Anne & I am her Leslie. If you’ve watched Parks & Rec you’ll understand the personalities of the characters I speak of. If you haven’t watched it (like Lorin… I know)… well… you should. Lorin, like Anne is the reasonable one. She always is there to calm me down & make me think realistically. I’m a dreamer full of big ideas & plans…. I already have our summer 2016 planned out, don’t judge! We should basically play Anne & Leslie for real. But I guess all  I can have is the names… Lorin will be my Anne & I’ll be her Leslie. Forever.


I love best friends & friendships in general. Drop a comment below & tell me what makes your best friend perfect for you!


Heimueller Family Photos


I haven’t done much of an introduction on here so here it is!  I’m Ali but go by Alexandria on all my social media accounts. It’s my birth name & never have much of a chance to use it so I use it there. I am a photographer, DIYer & so many other things things in between. I love to love & seriously have the most incredible family.

My husband is Matt. He’s the tall handsome one. We have been married three years & have many more to go. If you read our text messages you’d think we are a newly dating couple. We say every single one of these phrases to one another daily… “I love you.” “I miss you.” “You’re amazing.” & “How did I get so lucky to be with you?”. Our love for one another is constantly growing. I truly found my soul mate.

Adalie is our oldest. She is obsessed with princesses, talking on her “phone” with nana & telling all of us what to do… I have no idea where she got her bossiness from. Stella is my youngest. She loves to give kisses, be tickled, pull the dogs hair & play in the dog bowls. Adalie & Stella have just started to really interact with one another. Which is so fun to watch. They play, hold hands & laugh together. I remember dreaming of that day & it is finally here. How do they grow so quickly?

For our family photos I dragged Matt & the kids up to Alta. It was overcast, rainy & the wind was decently bad. When we found a spot to shoot the wind & rain went away for a good thirty minutes just enough time for us to get some great photos!

DSC_1041 DSC_1092 DSC_1107 Untitled-1 DSC_1063 DSC_1052 DSC_1098 DSC_1087 DSC_1046 DSC_1096 Untitled-2 DSC_1035

Everyday when I wake up I wake up to these three. How did I get so lucky? I seriously feel so blessed to have all of them in my life. To call all of them my own.

I love taking family pictures. It’s such a fun way to remember your family right at that time. When is your favorite time of year for family photos?


Celebrating One Year of Life

I am in complete shock that I’m preparing to celebrate baby Stella’s first birthday. I knew the year would fly by. I knew that her toothless grin & constant cuddles would slowly fade away leaving me holding on to the little memories that I now have. I wished everyday that I could pause time. That I could keep her as that cuddly little babe forever.

How does one year slip by so quickly? Although I took in every moment possible of Stella’s first year I still somehow feel like I missed the whole thing. Is it because the phases of infanthood are so short lived? Or because I was also busy chasing a toddler around?

Day One

Newborn Photos

One Month Old

One Month Old

Three Months Old

Six Months Old

Baby Mouse Costume

November With No Snow

Merry Christmas!

Momma & Stella


Momma & Baby

First Family Photo

Meeting the Baby

It Is Love

As I reflect on her first year of life I think of all the beautiful moments I’ve captured of her. All the times that I was in “awe” of the little life Matt & I created. This little girl made us parents of two & our little Adalie a big sister. This little girl puts a smile on our face daily with her silliness & bright blue eyes.

Love All Around

Shortly after I had baby Stella my grandparents that live in Washington came out to visit. We got this photo of our family together. It’s my favorite one from this year. It’s all the people that love her the most surrounding her. What a loving family this little girl has come into & how blessed we are to call her our own.


Black Cat


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love the fall weather October brings. Watching scary movies or shows (we binge watched True Blood) & dressing up. I love dressing up.

My outfit was easy to throw together. Mainly because my wardrobe has way too much black to choose from. My black worn down jeans I have had for years. They are my favorite pair of jeans & it’s started to get too cold to wear them now. You can find a similar pair here. I grabbed the baggy black sweater off of the sales rack at Target awhile ago. It’s a XXL & is perfect for the baggy sweater look I love. I wear it all the time on those lazy mom days. My shoes are from Target & they’re perfect. Perfect in every way.

I wanted to get creative with the cat ears & thought it would be fun to make little ears out of my hair. It took some playing with but I got it down & they looked great!

I used pipe cleaner & braided my hair around it. I braided it all the way to the tip & twisted it around to make little ears & bobby pinned them into place. I found it a lot easier to spray the section I was using down with water & to braid the hair directly out from my head at a 90 degree angle. The amount of hair you use really depends on how thick your hair is. I used a decent sized section to make the ears thicker. It was such a fun way to do it. I can’t wait until the girls hair is long enough to play around with!

I had been on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick & I found it. It’s by NYX their Matte Lipstick in Perfect Red. Fitting name, right? I suggest everyone getting it. You’ll find yourself using it daily & it’ll be great for all the holiday parties coming up!

What’s your favorite lip color/brand? I need more suggestions! A girl can never have too much lipstick, right?


Halloween Photoshoot

As most of you know two of my closest friends have babies just weeks apart from Stella. So we obviously had to get them all together for photos in their Halloween outfits. They participated well… my toddler is another story.



These little babes will forever know each other. They’ll grow up together & be like family to one another. Matt & I come from very small families so our babes having little friends to grow up with is so fun for us. I think they make the cutest friends ever.

Like I said Adalie is impossible to photograph. The whole time we were taking photos she was running off to the park. Chasing the dog around & yelling “NOOO!” every time I asked her to get in a photo. I was lucky enough to get her into these two… toddlers are crazy & impossible. The bribery of ice cream wasn’t even working.



We decided to dress up with the kids for our little photo shoot. Lorin dressed up as Willy Wonka to match Koiya’s Oompa Loompa outfit & Jessica dressed as a little witch because owls & withes are best of friends. There is a little park right next to our place & that’s where we went to take our photos. It’s the perfect spot in the fall with all the fallen leaves & the big trees.





I couldn’t love these babies & their moms anymore than I already do. I look forward to all the years to come. The future memories to be made & the many adventures to come. What a lucky momma I am to have such amazing woman in my life.

A huge thank you to Lexi for taking photos of us. You make one sexy indian! Koiya is lucky to have such a sweet Aunt in his life.


Later on this week I’ll be posting some DIY tutorials & sharing the details on our Halloween outfits. For now enjoy this babe selfie. I just love her big blue eyes & chubby cheeks!