Bridals: Little Sister


I can truly thank my sister for the journey I am currently on… Matt & I got a DSLR camera in May & I shot her engagements the same month. After that I fell in love with the art of photography. I have always been a creative person & photography has been a great mix of creativity as well as customer service. Two things that I am very passionate about.

My sister was generous enough to put her trust in me for her engagements as well as her bridals. Both were very big learning experiences for me. I had this big dream of heading out to some lavender fields for her bridals. So… my best friend/assistant for the night, little sister & I packed up & drove out to Mona, Utah to take lavender field photos. Lesson number one; the lavender fields are owned by Young Living & there is a $50.00 per hour fee to use them & they get cut down the end of July. Somehow I had no idea the fields were owned… you’d think the perfect lines in the lavender would have given it away. Lesson two; the sun goes away. Fast. I already knew this… but I got a firm reminder while we were driving around like crazy people trying to find a different spot to shoot. The light was fading quickly & the overcast skies were not helping my situation. Lesson number three; it’s either the sky or your subject. Because it was overcast I tried to really capture the beauty in the sky which made my sister too dark. I was bummed I didn’t realize this as we were shooting but what’s done is done & I did get amazing shots of her with the sky looking incredible.

We ended up stopping at a field that had a barbwire fence around it with one part fallen down & decided that was our spot. It was really hilarious seeing all three of us try to get over the fence, carry the dress over &  try not to die or get shot (Mel told us that there was a chance the people that owned the property might shoot us for trespassing). Luckily we all made it in & out safe.

We had so much fun on our little road trip to take these. Things didn’t go as planned but we made the most out of the situation & I learned an insane amount about photography & the style that I am striving for.

DSC_1181 DSC_1187 DSC_1211 DSC_1216 DSC_1199 DSC_1253 DSC_1232 DSC_1301 DSC_1327 DSC_1345

In the photo above Mel was totally sitting behind my sister & throwing her veil. It was hilarious & my sister was trying so hard not to laugh as I’m standing behind my camera busting up. I seriously love these girls so much & am so glad they’re apart of my life. Now, enjoy some wonderful selfies we took at the end of our adventure!


Sometimes things don’t work out but you make the best of what you have. Is there a situation you’ve experienced that you had to make it work regardless of the challenges you were facing?


Engagements: TJ & Breanna

I seriously have the most amazing sister & future brother… I told them I’d love to take their engagements but wasn’t sure if they would be willing since I have little… Well, I’ll be honest… No expertience doing photoshoots. They quickly became excited about having me be apart of it & agreed to let me do their photos.

For my first time doing any sort of photoshoot & maybe the 5th time using a DSLR camera I’d have to say I did a decent job. My first round of post production edits were kind of a mess… I am still learning so much about Photoshop that the photos didn’t look as I was picturing them. The photos you see now are my second round of edits & they look far better than my first.

I can’t thank my sister & her lucky fiancĂ© enough for putting their trust in me & letting me take their photos. It was such a learning experience & got me exited for my future in the photography world.

Any tips & advice for portrait photography? I’m still learning & would love any extra advice!


DIY: Elastic Hair Ties

My sister is getting married in four short months. She asked me to help her come up with a clever way to ask her bridesmaids to be in the wedding. 

I found this elastic on Etsy (check out their shop here!) & thought it would be the perfect way to ask the girls to be apart of her big day. I ordered the elastic in her wedding colors, which will be gold & plum.

Step one: Cut elastic nine inches long. 

Step two: Tie it on the ends. 

Step three: Cut ends of the elastic at an angel.  

Step four: Use a lighter to singe the edges of the elastic. 

That’s it. It’s that easy to make your own elastic hair ties… & you can be insanely creative with them as well!

I used stamps to write “WILL YOU BE MY” & decorated it with a few random stamps I had. Not only can the girls use them for their hair but they can wear them as bracelets as well. 

What are some other creative things you did for your bridesmaids? How did you ask them to be in your wedding?