Halloween Mini Session

2015 halloween mini session - cardcandy

I’ve throw together my first ever mini session. I’m officially in love with them. I get to use all my creativity & create something super fun & take pictures adorable kids. The adorable kids in the photos bellow are my kids… they make the perfect models.

As much as I love offering my services & wonderful experience that I provide when working with my clients I also love sharing my tips, tricks & the way I create what I love (& what I hope you love too). As you follow me & my photography career I will always be more than willing to share my experiences, secrets & ides with you that way you can learn from me, my mistakes & my accomplishments. With all that being said I’ll dive in & share how I created my Spooky Mini Session.

It was simple to put together. My house has nice natural lighting & beautiful flooring so all my studio setting photos are in my house. I hung up multiple layers of cobweb on my wall & cut out black bats using this template. I let Adalie pick out a few pumpkins from Trader Joe’s & set them in the background. I grabbed little bottles & the chest from Hobby Lobby & the hand bowl is from Target. Add some dry ice & you have the perfect Halloween setting. I got the template for my advertising on Etsy. I am no graphic designer so I always head to Etsy for anything that is beyond my skill level!

I’ve had countless photoshoots with kids this summer & have come to discover that they are happiest when they are doing something fun. You’ll get real & authentic moments from them if you give them something to do & capture all of the fun they’re having. What’s more fun than getting photos of your children being children?

I can’t wait to share all of the mini session photos with you all later on & I can promise you that this is just the beginning. Mini sessions are going to be a regular for me! For now enjoy my adorable little models making some magical potion that they probably hoped would turn me into a frog.

DSC_0360 DSC_0367 DSC_0334 DSC_0342DSC_0383 DSC_0399 DSC_0387

How cute are my models? They always do a great job with my constant photography needs. If you haven’t booked a session yet shoot me an email at ali@craftfoodlove.com & we’ll lock it down! If you feel like creating your own little photoshoot with your babes it’s easier than you think. Do it & hashtag your photos with #craftfoodlove so I can see all the adorableness!


Have you ever done a mini session? If so, what are some tips you’ve learned from doing them?


Summer Lovin’


I love summer but usually I am ready for fall & winter to roll in once September comes around. This year was different. I truly would have been delighted if summer lasted forever. We got to spend so many of our summer days with our best friends. It was truly the best.

Over Labor Day we finished up our summer with our final trip to Flaming Gorge. We had such a blast taking the kids out on the boat & enjoying our last moments of summer 2015. We watched fire works & their annual boat parade. We swam. We fished. We took it all in before we had to admit to ourselves that summer was truly over.

I didn’t get many photos on our trip but I got enough to show how much fun we had. I am already preparing the agenda for summer 2016. I hope Lorin & Matt are ready for another epic summer!

DSC_0175 DSC_0173 DSC_0182 DSC_0214 DSC_0237 DSC_0288 Untitled-1DSC_0260 DSC_0212DSC_0233

I know I say it all the time but I truly feel lucky to have all these amazing people in my life. My summers, weekends & days wouldn’t be complete without all of them. Our adventures our grand & there are so many more to come.


Drop a comment below & tell me how you finish off your summer!


Bridals: Little Sister


I can truly thank my sister for the journey I am currently on… Matt & I got a DSLR camera in May & I shot her engagements the same month. After that I fell in love with the art of photography. I have always been a creative person & photography has been a great mix of creativity as well as customer service. Two things that I am very passionate about.

My sister was generous enough to put her trust in me for her engagements as well as her bridals. Both were very big learning experiences for me. I had this big dream of heading out to some lavender fields for her bridals. So… my best friend/assistant for the night, little sister & I packed up & drove out to Mona, Utah to take lavender field photos. Lesson number one; the lavender fields are owned by Young Living & there is a $50.00 per hour fee to use them & they get cut down the end of July. Somehow I had no idea the fields were owned… you’d think the perfect lines in the lavender would have given it away. Lesson two; the sun goes away. Fast. I already knew this… but I got a firm reminder while we were driving around like crazy people trying to find a different spot to shoot. The light was fading quickly & the overcast skies were not helping my situation. Lesson number three; it’s either the sky or your subject. Because it was overcast I tried to really capture the beauty in the sky which made my sister too dark. I was bummed I didn’t realize this as we were shooting but what’s done is done & I did get amazing shots of her with the sky looking incredible.

We ended up stopping at a field that had a barbwire fence around it with one part fallen down & decided that was our spot. It was really hilarious seeing all three of us try to get over the fence, carry the dress over &  try not to die or get shot (Mel told us that there was a chance the people that owned the property might shoot us for trespassing). Luckily we all made it in & out safe.

We had so much fun on our little road trip to take these. Things didn’t go as planned but we made the most out of the situation & I learned an insane amount about photography & the style that I am striving for.

DSC_1181 DSC_1187 DSC_1211 DSC_1216 DSC_1199 DSC_1253 DSC_1232 DSC_1301 DSC_1327 DSC_1345

In the photo above Mel was totally sitting behind my sister & throwing her veil. It was hilarious & my sister was trying so hard not to laugh as I’m standing behind my camera busting up. I seriously love these girls so much & am so glad they’re apart of my life. Now, enjoy some wonderful selfies we took at the end of our adventure!


Sometimes things don’t work out but you make the best of what you have. Is there a situation you’ve experienced that you had to make it work regardless of the challenges you were facing?


Family Photos: Nikki, Brady & Rowan


These two high school sweet hearts killed me with their adorableness a few weeks ago. We had limited time to shoot because the sun was moving away quickly & baby Rowan wasn’t super stoked on pictures. But my goodness. They are seriously the cutest family.

Nikki & I went through Junior High & High School together. I remember meeting Brady a few times throughout the years. They always seemed so comfortable with one another. Like everything was perfectly aligned when together. It has been about ten years since I have seen these two together & it was still the same. Their true love for one another shined so bright. I loved seeing that their connection has grown so much stronger as the years have passed. Plus, they added little baby Rowan… who seriously is such a little babe. Look at his little face!
Untitled-1 DSC_0077 DSC_0037 DSC_0114 DSC_0084 DSC_0103 DSC_0148 Untitled-2 DSC_0133

We ended up standing around chatting more than anything & I am truly thankful for that. I already adore this little family so much & can’t wait for future adventures with them.


I am surprised I got as many smiling photos as I did out of  little Rowan. Little babes truly have their own agenda. What are some tricks that you have as photographers/parents to get little ones to laugh or smile?


Photoshoot: Evan’s Family Photos


I am so excited to share these family photos with you all. Everything about them turned out perfectly. The lighting is magical, they are a gorgeous family & little Rykan is seriously the cutest kid ever. He is four years old & like most four year old kids there was a bit of bribing that went on to get those smile… but goodness, isn’t it the cutest smile ever?

The photos I got of just Amber are by far my favorite. The way the sun shines through her lace dress & her cute belly. In these photos she’s 38 weeks along, can you believe that? She looks amazing! I could tell baby Thea was sitting really low (They’re having a little girl & naming her Thea. Too cute, I know.) & I for sure thought I might throw her into labor by making her hike up little hills & track through bushes & tall weeds.

This shoot made me fall even further in love with photography. I have truly found my calling. 26 years later but I found it. I love working with people & engaging in a special moment with them. I love chatting with the little kids & capturing their silly sides. I am passionate about good customer service & love using my creativity as much as I can. As a photographer I get to use both of those. I can’t wait for my future & I can’t wait to share it all with you!
DSC_0409 DSC_0401 DSC_0399 Untitled-2 DSC_0440 DSC_0430 Untitled-1 DSC_0604 DSC_0617 DSC_0473 DSC_0505 DSC_0529 DSC_0564 Untitled-3 DSC_0535 DSC_0534 DSC_0554

This little family is about to become my extended family. Zach is the brother of my future brother-in-law. So in just a few short weeks we will all be family. I can’t wait & I definitely can’t wait to meet, hold & snuggle that little baby Thea. I’ll leave you with the two most magical maternity photos you’ve ever seen!

DSC_0489 DSC_0477

I wish I could bottle this lighting up & keep it forever. What are your tips in finding the perfect lighting? Tell me in a comment bellow!


Epic Bachelorette Party

WARNING: If fake male parts are not your thing you might want to skip this post!


I wanted to throw the best party I could for the best sister ever & I think I successfully accomplished that with the help of my best friend. In one of my previous posts I talked about Manila, Utah & our favorite lake, Flaming George. We ventured out that way again for my sister’s party. Lorin & I were having our first girls weekend away from the babies for the first time so we all knew we were in for a good time.

We told the girls we weren’t going to be able to take the boat out & surprised them in the morning with it. It worked out perfectly & was hilarious. We had a boat slip for the weekend & told the girls we were just going to head to the dock to drink a mimosa before going to the beach on the for the day. As we were walking down the dock Lorin stopped at our boat & said “Hey!!! This boat looks cool… Let’s see what’s in it.” She starts unsnapping the cover & all the girls were baffled my sister said something like “Lorin, I know you’re crazy… but not this crazy.” A minute later we told them it was our boat for the weekend & they were so excited. I think all three of them were about to leave Lorin & I on the dock to have their own party before we told them the truth.

Our day started out just us five boating around, wakeboarding & swimming. We beached the boat when we saw a storm blowing & hangout until it passed by. We had lunch & played a couple of our bachelorette party games we got. The storm blew in decently heavy so we made ourselves a little shelter in the boat & hung out, sang rap song & danced for a good two hours. When the storm passed & we were safe to move on we boated around for a bit & headed back to the dock.

I made us all pink kimonos & my sister a white floral one. I wanted it to be very obvious that something awesome was going on. It worked. When we got back to the docks people were yelling “HEY! THERE’S THE PINK LADIES!” We were a hit. Suddenly we were playing our bachelorette party games with 60 people, getting free drinks & made our way onto a yacht for an epic dance party & a swim at the rope swing.

I wish I would have gotten a little more photos than I did. But I was far too taken in by all the fun to pull my camera out. Anyway! Enjoy the photos & I will have the links to all of the games & fun things we got at the bottom of the post.

Untitled-1 DSC_0070 DSC_0080 Untitled-3 DSC_0091 Untitled-2 DSC_0258 DSC_0356 Untitled-4Untitled-7DSC_0149 Untitled-5 DSC_0073 Untitled-8

I am so glad my sister is surrounded by so many loving people & has some of the best friends ever. The weekend really was perfect & so much fun. I think we need a yearly girls trip! Minus all the fake penises. I also made awesome Swag Bags for the girls. I will have a post with all the details on that later on this month. So watch for it!


I am a huge girls girl & that’s my favorite part about going to a bachelorette party. A bunch of fun & wild girls getting crazy together. Drop a comment bellow & tell me what your favorite thing about bachelorette parties is!


Pecker Ring Toss Pecker Beach Ball | Kiss my Pecker | Bachelorette Party Buttons | Bachelorette Sash

Tollgate: Shelby & Austin


One of my oldest friends has ventured her way from the valley of Salt Lake City, Utah up to Tollgate to live in the most adorable cabin with her boyfriend & pups. I constantly saw pictures across her social media of her new home & it looked amazing. I asked her if I could come up & take some photos of them & she accepted.

I’m thankful she did… if she hadn’t I don’t think I would ever have discovered this little slice of heaven that is a part of Utah. It’s the most amazing little canyon. There are medows with wild flowers next to ponds with phenomenal backdrops of the mountains. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I drove into the canyon. It is stunning. I truly had been missing out on something incredible.

I’ve known Shelby for over ten years & as most of you know friendships tend to fade slowly after knowing one another for so long. But you know you have a true friendship when you can go so long, see one another again & it feel as though no time has passed. That’s how it is with Shelby. Every time.

It was my first time meeting her boyfriend & her furbabies & they are all amazing. I can’t wait for future adventures up in Tollgate with them. I can promise there will be more adventures & many more photos… but for now enjoy these! They’re perfect. Everything about them is perfect.

DSC_0199 DSC_0179DSC_0204 DSC_0208Two-DogsDSC_0232 DSC_0245 DSC_0272 DSC_0284DSC_0275 DSC_0300 DSC_0314 DSC_0313 DSC_0322 DSC_0331 Aust,Shelbs,Bear-Two DSC_0355

DSC_0359 DSC_0364Axel-Two

I can’t thank Shelby & Austin enough for letting me come up & adventure around with them. I’m insanely jealous that they get to call this place home. All of the photos were taken during a walk we took. Which just so happens to be the walk they take every night. I mean… come on… How lucky are they?


Isn’t it crazy that something so magical can hide from you for so long! What is your favorite location in the place you call home? Share it with me!