Outfit of the Month: Cowgirl Boots & Button Downs


I don’t know about you but I’m the kind of girl that has an outfit of the month. One outfit that I tend to love for a whole month. So I decided that I would give you one outfit each month that’s been my favorite. My outfits will also tie into my photography as well. The outfits you see each month will be my favorite to wear casually but also my favorite outfits to do shoots in.

This outfit is simple… & I’ll be honest it’s more my outfit of the summer than the month. I have loved it for shoots because the top is simple & airy, my pants & boots give me good protection when wondering through weeds & plants searching for the right spot to shoot from. I got the boots at the beginning of this summer & promised my husband I would wear them all the time. I held strong to that promise & have worn them so much that I’ll probably need a new pair for next summer… someone find my husband & convince him of that!

I usually pair this outfit with a purplish lip which I think contrasts nicely with the teal top. My hair is curled all the time because it’s easy & cute. I ALWAYS bring a hair tie with me on shoots… not just on shoots but everywhere I go. If you can’t tell I have so much hair & it can get warm underneath all of that so I always make sure I have something to throw it up in.

Here is the outfit of the month… simple, fun & cute.


DSC_0417 Untitled-2

I’m lucky enough to have a photographer as a husband so finding someone to drag around & take photos of me is easy. He is always so willing to help me out & keep pushing me along. I truly am lucky to have such a great man in my life. Plus, look at the adorable boots he got me… that makes him a keeper for sure!

DSC_0415 Button Down | Boots | Jeans | Hair Tie

Are you an outfit of the month kind of person? Or do you constantly change up your outfits? Drop a comment bellow & tell me!


Bachelorette Party: Lake Outfit


Top // Boy Shorts // Kimono // Birkenstock // Surf Spray // Sun Bum

My favorite season is almost upon us! I am currently planning a bachelorette party for my little sister. We are planning a weekend at the lake full of boating, drinking & the warm sun. It is the perfect way to celebrate her & her last days as a Peters. Meaning I needed to do some summer time outfit planning… because a bachelorette party is all about looking adorable with all the girls. Make heads turn, right?

I have plenty of swim suits… but who cares about that? A girl needs a swimsuit for every day of the summer. If you agree please write my husband & tell him I need 100 more swimsuits! I just love the simplicity of this swimsuit pieced with a sheer black kimono. I can promise you kimonos will be my go to swimsuit covers this summer. I have a pair of silver birkenstocks but totally need a pair of black ones. Black just goes with everything perfectly! Have any of you used Surf Spray by Bumble & Bumble? If you haven’t just buy some now so you have it for the summer. My thick insane hair loves this stuff. I spray it in really well before heading out to the lake, beach or pool and even after it gets wet again & dries it has the BEST beach wave. I swear by this stuff for summer hangs. Sun Bum is the best sunscreen. It smells good gives you great protection but also allows enough sun to hit your skin to give you a beautiful sun kissed tan. I own way too many bottles of this stuff.

Is it summer yet? I just want 90 degree weather, my swimsuit, boats & a cold beer right out of the cooler.

Any of you pro bachelorette party planners? I need your tips & tricks!


Black Cat


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love the fall weather October brings. Watching scary movies or shows (we binge watched True Blood) & dressing up. I love dressing up.

My outfit was easy to throw together. Mainly because my wardrobe has way too much black to choose from. My black worn down jeans I have had for years. They are my favorite pair of jeans & it’s started to get too cold to wear them now. You can find a similar pair here. I grabbed the baggy black sweater off of the sales rack at Target awhile ago. It’s a XXL & is perfect for the baggy sweater look I love. I wear it all the time on those lazy mom days. My shoes are from Target & they’re perfect. Perfect in every way.

I wanted to get creative with the cat ears & thought it would be fun to make little ears out of my hair. It took some playing with but I got it down & they looked great!

I used pipe cleaner & braided my hair around it. I braided it all the way to the tip & twisted it around to make little ears & bobby pinned them into place. I found it a lot easier to spray the section I was using down with water & to braid the hair directly out from my head at a 90 degree angle. The amount of hair you use really depends on how thick your hair is. I used a decent sized section to make the ears thicker. It was such a fun way to do it. I can’t wait until the girls hair is long enough to play around with!

I had been on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick & I found it. It’s by NYX their Matte Lipstick in Perfect Red. Fitting name, right? I suggest everyone getting it. You’ll find yourself using it daily & it’ll be great for all the holiday parties coming up!

What’s your favorite lip color/brand? I need more suggestions! A girl can never have too much lipstick, right?


Best Halloween

I think every Utahn will agree with me when I say that this years Halloween was perfect. All night I said to Matt “This will be a Halloween we’ll never forget. I promise you. It’s perfect.”

Many things made the night perfect for me. Adalie’s enthusiasm was a big part of it. She loved every moment of trick-or-treating this year. She would knock on the door & softly say “Trick-or-Treat.” Collect her candy & as she ran away yell “THANK YOU!” Right way would say “Next one mom! Next one!” I had so much fun with her I felt like a little kid myself.

She lasted a good twenty houses before she started saying “I’m done. I wanna go home now.” & jumped in her stroller for a ride back home. I tried to convince her to go to a few more houses but she was tuckered out. It probably had to do with the overload of candy she already had. I tried my best to get photos of her while we were out but she refused to sit still so every picture is a little black blur.

This photo is the least blury & my favorite. Her little black blur & the skip in our step shows exactly how the night went for us.


I knew I wanted Adalie to be a cat & Matt thought it would be cute if Stella was a mouse. Cat chases mouse kind of thing. So we went with it & they looked adorable.



For both of their tutus I got a spool of tulle & cut it down to about two inches wide & tide it onto elastic. That’s it.

For Adalie’s cat tail I found a fluffy boa, hot glued it onto a piece of floral wire & looped it onto the elastic. It worked perfectly & the wire gave the tail enough support but also gave it a little bounce when she moved around.

The black shirt & leggings are from Target. I was going to do a leotard but with the unpredictable weather in Utah I knew that wasn’t a good idea.


Stella’s mouse tail came from some gray fleece fabric I had. I cut out a little tail & sewed it together. Stuffed it with fluff, some floral wire & hand sewed it onto the elastic.

I got her onsie at Carter’s. It came in a pack with a few other adorable onsies. The tights are from Target. I love stripes & polka dots together so this was the perfect mouse combination.


Nana is always spoiling the girls with random things. She got Adalie this little kitty costume set from the dollar store. The cat ears that came with it were too cute not to use. They went so well with her sparkly skirt & they worked perfectly with her outfit.


Stella’s little mouse ears were a bit more complicated. I saw these on Pinterest & knew I could easily make them. I used some gray flet & cut out ears from this template, glued them onto elastic & did a little stitch around them to hold them together. I made a little pink bow from random ribbon I had. They were so easy to make & added so much to her little costume.


Their shoes I got from Target. Adalie was in need of a cute pair of winter boots so these were the perfect pick. They’ll go with everything & they looked adorable with her costume.

Stella’s are the Ministar baby boots in pink. They are the best babe shoes! Every mom needs a pair for their little ones. They’re warm, soft & stay on their feet. You read that correctly. They NEVER fall off!


Here’s a few more photos of them so you can take in all the adorableness! I wish I could have gotten a photo of the two of them together but Adalie is impossible these days. She is constantly on the move.






Later on I will do a post on my outfit & give details on how I did my hair into cat ears. Until than answer a few questions for me! What did you dress your babes up as for Halloween? & if you’re not from Utah how was the weather for you?



Bad Witches // Halloween



 bad withes Tee // Fitted Skirt // Cat Tights // Red Flannel // Chunky Heals // Bat Earrings // Bow


“When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.”

Halloween. My favorite holiday. Fall in the air, dressing up, candy & haunted houses. It can’t come soon enough. I know I’m getting ahead of myself here… but I’ve already planned the girls halloween outfits & when the one big room full of bad witches tee came across my Instagram I knew I had to do some outfit prepping.

I used to have a little black pair of black lace up heals that would have gone perfectly with this outfit… unfortunately I wore them to their death bed. I picked a chunky pair of heels for this outfit but a simple pair of army boots would look excellent as well. I love fitted skirts & have been lusting over cat tights for some time now, I suppose I should invest in some. Bat earrings to make me feel more powerful & to top it off a top knot with a black bow right underneath.

Now, let this be on my body.