Getting Started! 5 Tips on Opening an Etsy Store

I’ve been talking about opening my own Etsy store for years now. I’m not sure why it’s taken me this long to just do it. Here are some things I’ve learned as I create my own store!

1. Pick a name. Just do it! If you’re anything like me you want the perfect name or you can’t move forward. It took me forever to pick a name & the one I ended up sticking with was one I picked years ago. Don’t over think it. Just pick something clever & roll with it.

2. Stay organized. Write down your passwords for each account or use the formula method which you can read about here so you don’t forget them. Write out “to do” lists daily & complete it. Keep all of your supplies you’re working with in one place & when you’re finished working for the day clean up & prep your work space for the next day.

3. Ask for help. I have two little babes making it difficult to do much of anything during the day. I’ve asked my husband to hang out with the girls alone for a few hours when he gets home from work so I can plug away & get some work done.

4. Read. A lot. I researched, read & studied an insane amount. I wanted to start my Etsy shop & do it right. I think I’ve read every single tip & blog about starting an Etsy shop & it helped immensely.

5. Have fun! Seriously, have fun! It’s a lot of work & the hours are long. Learning a brand new industry you’re not too familiar with is a little overwhelming & confusing… but enjoy it! Take it all in & know that as you learn it’ll get easier!

I still have so much to learn! Any of you small business owners? Any tips you can pass on to me?


Happy First Birthday! 


My little babe is one! How did that happen so fast? I still can’t believe she’s turning into a toddler… well, actually I completely deny it. She’ll forever be my babe.

For her birthday Matt took us out to take some photos. I really wanted to take some of Stella in her wrap because those days are going to be gone before I know it. I wanted some pictures to remember the beauty of having her snuggled up to me so tightly.

4 2 3 - Bright 1

After our photo adventure we had a little birthday party for her. She got spoiled & loved on by all of the most important people in her life. I can’t believe how much love rained down on her that day & how lucky we are to have such wonderful people in our lives.

5BabyKoi&Mom Adalie Napa&StellaBBKOI!Koi&Harper2Nana&Stella


Her birthday party was the first time I ever took photos with a DSLR camera & all the editing I did was on photoshop which was also a first for me. I’ve been having a blast learning a bit more about photography & all the tricks you can do. There definitely is a lot to learn & I have a long way to go before I’m nearly as good as my husband.

Are any of you pros on Photoshop? Give me your tips & tricks!


Celebrating One Year of Life

I am in complete shock that I’m preparing to celebrate baby Stella’s first birthday. I knew the year would fly by. I knew that her toothless grin & constant cuddles would slowly fade away leaving me holding on to the little memories that I now have. I wished everyday that I could pause time. That I could keep her as that cuddly little babe forever.

How does one year slip by so quickly? Although I took in every moment possible of Stella’s first year I still somehow feel like I missed the whole thing. Is it because the phases of infanthood are so short lived? Or because I was also busy chasing a toddler around?

Day One

Newborn Photos

One Month Old

One Month Old

Three Months Old

Six Months Old

Baby Mouse Costume

November With No Snow

Merry Christmas!

Momma & Stella


Momma & Baby

First Family Photo

Meeting the Baby

It Is Love

As I reflect on her first year of life I think of all the beautiful moments I’ve captured of her. All the times that I was in “awe” of the little life Matt & I created. This little girl made us parents of two & our little Adalie a big sister. This little girl puts a smile on our face daily with her silliness & bright blue eyes.

Love All Around

Shortly after I had baby Stella my grandparents that live in Washington came out to visit. We got this photo of our family together. It’s my favorite one from this year. It’s all the people that love her the most surrounding her. What a loving family this little girl has come into & how blessed we are to call her our own.