Life Passing

Life passes unbelievably fast. I’m not sure if it’s having kids or aging that picks up the speed… all I know is that I am constantly saying “Yeah, that was about five years ago…” How? How are my babies growing up so fast? How are the days flying by far too quickly? Adalie is already two & I look at her wondering how those two years have gone by so fast… she’s already a big sister!

Can’t I just pause time whenever I would like? Just get a few more minutes cuddling with my toddler. Cuddles that I get once a week if I am lucky. A few more minutes to breastfeed my newborn until she falls asleep with her arms and legs snugly wrapped around me. These moments are the most beautiful moments of my life & they are passing me too quickly.

As much as I want to pause the time, I love watching my life unfold. I love to hear Adalie say new words and phrases, & to teach her more about the world around her. I love to wake up in the wee hours of the night to feed Stella. To know that she needs me. To feel her warmth & her soft breathing & calmness when in my arms. This life I have created is better than anything I could imagine. This life is mine, mine to cherish, mine to write.

Baby Stella